PLX 1.1 and 1.0 Downloads

PLX 1.1



Download Toolset

PLX Developers can login and access the download page for the PLX 1.1 toolset.

The downloaded file can be extracted with the command 'tar -xzvf PLX-1.1.tgz'. Under the PLX-1.1 directory, there will be 8 subdirectories:

  • assembler - contains the asm script, which is the PLX assembler
  • benchmarks - contains the PLX benchmarks written in PLX assembly and C
  • build - initially empty, this is where the binary executable for the simulator is built
  • compiler - source code for the PLX compiler (see the README and INSTALL files in this directory for how to install the compiler)
  • scripts - Perl scripts used to automate the build process
  • simulator - source code for the PLX simulator
  • ISA - contains the PLX architecture definition
  • vhdl - contains the VHDL model for a PLX processor

For more detailed installation and usage instructions, see the Documentation page.

Notice: Some users have reported problems with the build process. This is almost always due to the fact that the PLX code does not use portability tools (e.g. autoconf, automake, etc.) at this time. Future releases of the code will come in a more properly-structured GNU-like format. If you run into any persistent problems in building or using the tools, contact

PLX 1.0



PLX 1.0 was released as an ISA specification only and had no accompanying software tools.