PAX FPGA Project

Currently, PAX is supported by an assembler, and can be implemented on a Xilinx Virtex II Pro FPGA. More specifically, the following are suppoted by PAX:

  • PAX-32 Assembler and FPGA
  • PAX-64 Assembler and FPGA
  • PAX-128 Assembler

The PAX-128 FPGA is currenlty not yet working. The PAX user manual describes how to use the PAX assembler and FPGA, and addresses the current state of progress on PAX-128.

The following documents pertaining to the PAX FPGA project are available for download:

  • AES-128 encryption algorithm for PAX-32 (assembly code)
  • AES-128 encryption algorithm for PAX-64 (assembly code)
  • AES-128 encryption algorithm for PAX-128 (assembly code)
  • Xilinx FPGA user manual - describes how to configure and synthesize the FPGA from scratch
  • PAX Assembler manual - describes how the PAX assembler was built and how to modify it
  • Senior Thesis of Michael S. Wang

See here for PALMS-only Downloads

pax32_AES_Encryption.txt65.43 KB
pax64_AES_Encryption.txt55.19 KB
pax128_AES_Encryption.txt37.69 KB
Xilinx FPGA user manual .pdf1.45 MB
PAX_Assembler_Manual.doc665 KB
MichaelWang_SeniorThesis_Final.pdf1.04 MB
PAX_User_Manual.doc2.01 MB