PLX History

  • In Fall 2001, design goals and architecture for PLX were specified by Prof. Ruby B. Lee of Princeton University.
  • PLX 0.1 was encoded, documented, and implemented as a project for the ELE-572 Class during Spring 2001 by Princeton graduates R. Adler '01 and G. Reis '01.
  • PLX 0.1 was then completely modified, with numerous additions and deletions of instructions and features, re-encoded by R.B. Lee and A.M. Fiskiran, and released as PLX 1.0 in September 2001.
  • PLX 1.1 was released in February 2002. This version of PLX has a software toolset that includes an assembler, a compiler, and a simulator.
Current and Past Work
  • Currently PLX is being maintained and developed by PALMS along with collaboration from other universities. The current development version for the architecture and tools is 1.2.
  • Through the Fall term of 2001-02, students of the ELE-475 class have contributed to the PLX simulator. This work included extending the simulator, writing a benchmark library, and making PLX-specific optimizations to these benchmarks.
  • Through the Spring term of 2001-02, students of the ELE-572 class have contributed to the PLX project. This work involved developing a compiler for PLX and extending the simulator.