Wei Zhang's Archive

The TRNG conference paper submitted to ARC.
Paper The RSP conference paper.
The SP project on OpenSPARC.
All pictures of the load/store instruction datapath, the cryptographic unit, and the block diagram of the SP OpenSPARC.
Modified version of the SP OpenSPARC, including the cryptographic unit.
/Technical Notes
Manuals on how to set up the Internet connection, how to generate the RTL schematic of OpenSPARC, and the implementation of SP on OpenSPARC.
All documents related to TRNG prototype and testing.
DIEHARD test results and data samples.
NIST test results without postā€processing.
NIST test results of TRNGs with different configurations after postā€processing.
The TRNG journal paper.
The OpenSPARC project for the RSP paper.