0 Hao Wu Fangfei Liu Ruby B. Lee 2016 Cloud Server Benchmark Suite for Evaluating New Hardware Architectures IEEE Computer Architecture Letters July-Dec 2016 Adding new hardware features to a cloud computing server requires testing both the functionality and the performance of the new hardware mechanisms. However, commonly used cloud computing server workloads are not well-represented by the SPEC integer and floating-point benchmark and Parsec suites typically used by the computer architecture community. Existing cloud benchmark suites for scale-out or scale-up computing are not representative of the most common cloud usage, and are very difficult to run on a cycle-accurate simulator that can accurately model new hardware, like gem5. In this paper, we present PALMScloud, a suite of cloud computing benchmarks for performance evaluation of cloud servers, that is ready to run on the gem5 cycle-accurate simulator. We conduct a behavior characterization and analysis of the benchmarks. We hope that these cloud benchmarks, ready to run on a dual-machine gem5 simulator or on real machines, can be useful to other researchers interested in improving hardware micro-architecture and cloud server performance