3 Yu-Yuan Chen Pramod A. Jamkhedkar Ruby B. Lee 2012 A Software-Hardware Architecture for Self-Protecting Data 19th ACM conference on Computer and Communications Security Raleigh, NC, USA October 16-18 information flow tracking, self-protecting data, architecture We propose a software-hardware architecture, DataSafe, that realizes the concept of self-protecting data: data that is protected by a given policy whenever it is accessed by any application â including unvetted third-party applications. Our architecture provides dynamic instantiations of secure data compartments (SDCs), with hardware monitoring of the information flows from the compartment using hardware policy tags associated with the data at runtime. Unbypassable hardware output control prevents confidential information from being leaked out. Unlike previous hardware information flow tracking systems, DataSafe software architecture bridges the semantic gap by supporting flexible, high-level software policies for the data, seamlessly translating these policies to efficient hardware tags at runtime. Applications need not be modified to interface to these software-hardware mechanisms. DataSafe architecture is designed to prevent illegitimate secondary dissemination of protected plaintext data by authorized recipients, to track and protect data derived from sensitive data, and to provide lifetime enforcement of the confidentiality policies associated with the sensitive data.