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Levin, T., Dwoskin, J., Bhaskara, G., Nguyen, T., Clark, P., Lee, R.B., Irvine, C., Benzel, T., "Securing the Dissemination of Emergency Response Data with an Integrated Hardware-Software Architecture", 2nd International Conference on Trusted Computing (TRUST 2009), Oxford, U.K., pp. 133-156, April 2009. Abstract Tagged XML BibTex
Bhaskara, G., Levin, T.E., Nguyen, T.D., Irvine, C.E., Benzel, T.V., Dwoskin, J.S., Lee, R.B., "Virtualization of a Processor-based Crypto-Protection Mechanism and Integration within a Separation Kernel Architecture", Princeton University Department of Electrical Engineering Technical Report CE-L2006-006, November 2006. Tagged XML BibTex